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About us

Nicodesign is an architectural /industrial design office located in Copenhagen, Denmark with more than 30 years of experience in developing innovative design and concepts.
Nicodesign creates and develops concepts and specifications that optimize the functionality, value and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of users as well as manufacturers. The processes used are: user research, sketching, comparative product research, model making, prototyping and testing.

Nicodesign is a company which provides services within various branches of architecture and industrial design and undertakes the following tasks, among others:

Medical design - Product design - Furniture design - Green-Tech design solutions - Industrialisation of architecture

One of Nicodesign’s prime parameters has always been to surpass similar products already on the market in at least three different parameters, in order to validate/justify its production.

Design is a force that delivers innovation which in turn exploits creativity. Design is the central factor in innovative humanization of technology and a crucial factor in cultural and economic exchanges. We work with a wide range of materials, processes and technologies.

Innovative design

At Nicodesign we are always keeping pace with modern times while thinking ahead with smart and creative designs that can stand the test of time.

Environment design

Our concept respects the environment and human beings.

Industrial architecture

In our work we deal with social as well as political aspects of the projects, hereunder ’welfare products’ that aim towards improving living conditions while also taking into consideration environmental as well as economic concerns.

Social responsibility

Our primarily work lies in developing socially innovative- and systemic design solutions to combat modern day problems/flaws.

What we do

Something we are proud off

You cannot see all of our design products because of the copyrights.

18 Social responsibility projects
389 Number of projects
131 Number of interns
33 Years of experience

What were our events

  • 2015


    Nicodesign organized a design conference on "The Process of Development and the Marketability of Innovative Ideas and Products".

    We invited three experts from Denmark to do a presentation about their work in relation to industrialdesign and innovation:

    Help ideas meet the real world - Foundations for Growth - Cooperation between design and marketing as co-creation of value.


    Industrial Design and Innovation Exhibition Unveiled at Larnaca Airport.

  • 2013

    Industrial Design Workshop with anthropocentric products for the Technical Schools of Cyprus.

    Exhibition in Washington with WelfareTech.


    Nicodesign was awarded the bronze metal price in the intelligent green building design international competition in 2011.

  • 2010

    INDEX: and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs are currently organising a "Best of..."

    HRH Prince Joachim will attend the official inauguration of the INDEX: Award Exhibition in Hong Kong on Novstrongber 25.
    The venue for this special version of the INDEX: Award Exhibition is one of Hong Kong’s most popular addresses, The Avenue of Stars, overlooking Victoria Harbor.
    The exhibition comes directly from Shanghai and Guangzhou, where it was the subject of numerous articles.

    Hong Kong is the last stop before the tour embarks on its voyage to India, where the exhibition will be on display in Bangalore and Mumbai in the new year.
    From October 5 to October 20, the INDEX: Award Exhibition took place in the Nordic Lighthouse in Shanghai. The official opening occurred on October 12.

    Here are some pictures from the exhibition in Shanghai. My design Diabet Cooler has been chosen by "The 100 best examples of Design to Improve Life 2005, 2007 and 2009".

  • 2009

    Participation in United Nation Climate Conference" in Copenhagen with our Solar Energy design products


    Invited to participate in the exhibition "Design and The Elastic Mind" at the Museum of Modern Art in New York

    The "Diabet Cool" product was exhibited by INDEX in South Korea, England, Australia and South Africa

    2nd price of the SAMSUNG design contest for Mobile phone


    Top nominee INDEX: Award 2007 “Design to improve life” design competition

IZB for sale / Houses for refugees / Affordable summer houses

  • This 1 room house primarily serves the function of a summer house.
    It comes at an affordable price, it is easily assembled, and it is able to partially sustain itself with the use of solar panels on the roof.
    Since the access points are on the longitudinal axis through terraces it gains additional interior space. One of the terraces can be manually covered using glass panels from the neighboring curtain wall in cases of bad weather.
    This project is suitable for any kind of flat terrain and it can potentially be merged in order to house more people.
    The 1 room house comes in 3 different interior division forms. It can be assembled for a single family with 2 children, as well as youth of up to 4 young people, and finally for a couple with no children.

    Interested in purchasing a house? Please fill out the contact form below and tell us your wishes.

Nicodesign teaches and trains students from the following international universities :

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